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OrgChart Viewer Overview

High level overview of the Viewer interface

ROI Calculator

Ever wondered what it costs your HR department to create, maintain and share organisational charts manually or with other software tools?

Publish to PDF / PPT

Publish boardroom quality charts to PDF and PPT directly from OrgChart

Planning and Modelling

OrgChart provides the perfect platform for organisational workforce planning and modelling.

Point in Time

Archive your organisational charts automatically to provide a point-in-time snapshot of your org structure for future review, comparison or manipulation.

Planning Module

Workforce Planning getting you down? Are your processes laborious and time consuming?

User Impersonation

OrgChart Admin User Impersonation – a great support tool for administrators to verify security roles, or troubleshoot end user support queries!

Publish to PDF and PPT

Now that you have built the perfect organogram in OrgChart, it’s time to publish and share the finished chart with others

OrgChart Security

Ensure that your end users only have access the portions of the chart that they are authorised for

OrgChart Version 5 Released

The latest edition of OrgChart has been released, and it is a show stopper! Click on the link above to see a short intro

Filters and Highlights

Watch this short video to see how Filters and Highlights can help you understand your OrgChart better

Plan and Model

OrgChart provides the perfect platform for organisational workforce planning and modelling

Why OrgChart?

Most organisations use manual, time consuming tools to analyse their workforce data and create org charts. These programs often lack the ability to effectively create and share    …

OrgChart Brochure

Cloud-based software lets you quickly and easily create, access, and share organisation charts online. Why then use OrgChart to draw your organogram?

Metrics Guide

Transform the signification investment in your workforce data (stored in HRIS) and convert it into visual analytics, metrics and trends while taking the guesswork out of key business decisions

Company Profile

OrgChart Hosting Pty Ltd has exclusive distribution rights for Sub-Sahara Africa, and we are the technical support hub for the international community

Top 10 Features

Take a closer look at the Top 10 features in the #1 web based OrgChart tool.

Securing your OrgChart

#OrgChart is serious about security. See 5 ways to secure your OrgChart!

Publishing your OrgChart

Read more about the many options for sharing your OrgChart with your organisation

Password Management

Read more about managing your password in OrgChart

OrgChart Reader

OrgChart Reader allows users to view and publish org charts. Reader accounts cannot create or modify charts.

Become an OrgChart Consumer

Your HRIS system takes up a large portion of your HR budget, but can you really “see” the data, and ensure that it is continually validated?

OrgChart Builder

Deploying OrgChart is now easier for customers that have lots of HR Professionals using the tool for adhoc charting

Structural Security

Displaying only a portion of the chart, for the logged in user’s branch is now a reality with OrgChart.