OrgChart Learning Center

These guides address the basics of using OrgChart and will also help you to use some of our more advanced features.

  • Get Started – Explore OrgChart, start building simple org charts from your data. Work through tutorials to learn how to use OrgChart.
  • Connect to and Prepare Data – Connect to a wide variety of data sources, including files, HR Systems, databases, web directory services. Learn how to keep your org charts up-to-date.
  • Design Org Charts – Learn the basic skills you need to create elegant, professional org charts.
  • Publish Org Charts – Learn how to publish org charts to various formats.
  • Share on the Web – Share org charts in your intranet or website.
  • Secure Charts – OrgChart provides a number of different ways to control access to charts and data.
  • Subchart Wizard – Automatically breaks a chart into multiple pages (or subcharts). Each page in a chart contains one subchart.
  • Explore “How To” Articles – Step by step articles that help you achieve specific objectives.

Technical Information

OrgChart Now is 100% HTML5 – there is nothing to install and no browser plugins are required.

  • OrgChart Now Brochure – Brochure containing summary of key features and comparison of available versions (Standard and Team).
  • Technical Overview – Learn more about the OrgChart Now technology stack.

Website/Portal Integration

You can embed dynamic org charts directly into your intranet or website. See documents below for more details.

Azure API for OrgChart

The following article shows how to configure the Azure AD data connector prior to importing data from Azure AD in OrgChart Now

SSO Configuration

Single sign-on allows you to sign in once and then access all of your enterprise systems without having to sign in again. OrgChart supports SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On which makes it compatible with many Identity Management Systems.

On Premise Hosting

OrgChart is also available as an on premise solution. The following guides help our on premise customers to get up and running.

HR/Payroll System Vendors

If you would like us to build a “cloud connector” to your system, please review the documentation below for more details.

  • API RequirementsOrgChart Now can connect to any HR/Payroll System if it meets a few simple requirements.

Information Security

We take security seriously. This section provides details on our information security policies and procedures.

Refer to the product brochure for more information on features and editions