“The Better Way to Chart Your Organisation – Better Charts, Better Planning, Better HR Intelligence”

Most organisations use manual, time consuming tools to analyse their workforce data and create org charts. These programs often lack the ability to effectively create and share detailed charts with the organisation with a comprehensive security model.


OrgChart can quickly assemble organisational charts from your HR data or company directory, and because it’s web based, OrgChart makes sharing up-to-date charts with your colleagues almost effortless. OrgChart combines data automation with industry leading preserve options to ensure that your chart has minimal manual edits during each cycle.

Flexibility. OrgChart allows you to customise charts by using data driven rules. Instantly highlight KPI’s based on conditional formats

Connects with Your Existing HR Data. Import data directly from your current Human Resource Information System or a spreadsheet. OrgChart already has data adapters for most HRIS systems.

Navigate and Explore Your Organisation with easy “drill-down” to all levels within the organisation as well as from one business unit to another.

Use drag & drop tools for Workforce Planning. Custom formulas will help you to find the optimal structure for your organisation.

Default Calculations such as headcounts and span of control give insight into your org charts to easily analyse and optimise the structure of your workforce.

Collaborate and Share by embedding charts in public websites or in your corporate portal. With OrgChart you can now create an unlimited number of read only accounts, with the underlying security model intact.

Access Charts Securely by making use of access groups to ensure appropriate access to organisational information. You control which charts a user is authorised to view.

OrgChart has been designed for HR Professionals.

The leading visualisation and planning platform will:

  • Put crucial HR metrics at your fingertips
  • Truly automate your company structure
  • And give you the tools to manage your workforce and reveal key workforce metrics

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